1. Introduction:

What really stimulates a young duathlete to practice the duathlon sport ? A sports discipline that may be considered as one of the toughest in the world of sports. Sports determined a great part of my childhood, and after some highlights and more lows, I decided myself about my goal in the duathlon sport : I just want, once the time is ripe for, to do my utmost to realize a top performance in the Powerman of Zofingen (Zwitzerland), the toughest duathlon competition in the world…

When, at the age of six years, I came for the first time in contact with the athletics, I wasn’t foretold a great future. I  accompanied my brothers to the races but this sports discipline could not really appeal to me.  I was then too busy with my favorite sport, especially football. My parents however objected, and so nothing was left to me but to run, week after week, at the tail of the competition…

After all I should be thankful to my parents , because as a football player I would have ended on the couch of the substitutes after some seasons. I still occasionally laugh when I stand on the weighing scale during the duathlon season, and have to see that I weigh as much as on my twelfth…

The step to the duathlon sport came suddenly and the choice was made quickly. In 1997 my brother Björn started in the tri-and duathlon competition, followed by my brother Jürgen two years later. Every competition was a family affair and three years later, in 2000, I got for the first time the opportunity to prove myself in the first edition of the youth duathlon in Slijpskapelle (Moorslede). Without any preparation and with a bike that I could get just the day before, I surprised everyone including myself. I was able to follow the front-runner in the race  Only in the last one hundred meters before the finish I had to to be satisfied with a second place. What seemed to me a little success turned out to be the beginning of a new life: A life as duathlete

Meanwhile we are ten years later, and I’ve already experienced a lot in the duathlon world. Ten years with very beautiful and less beautiful moments.  However as a fulltime working athlete I succeeded to gain a very fantastic victory in the Powerman of Flanders in Geel, and this between athletes enjoying much better facilities and support.  It is with pride that I am looking back on the past season 2010, knowing that from now on the most important thing for me will be enjoying en having fun with other athletes which I admire and respect…

2. Personalia:

  • Name: Neyrinck Jochen
  • Date of birth: 19/03/1986
  • Address: Roeselare (West-Vlaanderen)
  • Nationality: Belgian
  • Parents: Danny Neyrinck and Ingrid Quartier
  • Marital status: Together with girlfriend Hanne Decuypere
  • Brothers: Björn (°1980) and Jürgen (°1982)
  • Sister: Karen (°1993)
  • Job: Full-time leading hand at Alpro Soya in Wevelgem
  • Weight during the season: 60-62kg
  • Weight during the winter: 63-66 kg
  • Length: 173cm
  • Trainer: Jesse Van Nieuwenhuyse / Raymond Carly
  • Mentor/coach: Koen Maris
  • Osteopath– bike position: Michiel Delva (Menen)
  • Sports rehabilitation/kine: Samuel Vandekerckhove (www.sportfysio.be)
  • Sports massage: Mario Lapere (Oostnieuwkerke)
  • Club: TriGT

3. Idols:

Jan Ullrich: I was first introduced to the Tour de France in 1997, the year in which ‘Der Jan’ set the world upside down with a phenomenal performance on the way to Andorra.  My admiration for Jan Ulrich became even much greater when he defeated and humiliated on his comeback Lance Armstrong during the longest race against time in the Tour de France, and made so the battle more exciting than ever. Ulrich is for me the greatest cycling talent ever, although he certainly never went to the limit of his possibilities.

Koen Maris: In my eyes the major sports personality from the duathlon world. The way he won the Powerman of Zofingen 2007 was world class. It was the culmination of a great career during which he had to ‘struggle’ with unequal ‘arms’ against the prof athletes and nevertheless was able to realize exceptional results. I have had the privilege to become acquainted with the Powerman of Zofingen through Koen just at the moment that my results showed a downward trend, and thus I really had no longer sense to continue for a long time  Since then there remains only one race of which I can still dream…

4. Hobbies:

To follow closely other sports passively, film, music, reading and good food…

5. Favorite menu:

Tagliatelle with basil cream sauce and smoked salmon

6. Travelling:

I am somebody who needs a week of complete rest during summer.  The best way I can imagine therefore is a good training period in the mountains, where, time after time, I could be amazed of the beauty of the unspoilt nature. To struggle hours uphill and to kick downhill, without anyone around me, and then to fall in bed exhausted, but after a few hours having still the power to put on the running shoes. All this in a society that offers much more tranquility than ours. It shouldn’t be more than that…

Favorite countries : Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

7. Duathlon:

  • Strongest discipline: Since the start of the season 2010 I may say that bicycling is my best discipline in duathlon races. I don’t have enough running speed to rival with the top athletes, however once on the bike I can compensate quite a lot. That better feeling on the bike influences now positively my second running lap. The time I lost in the races the years before is now reasonably limited due to my better cycling…
  • Favorite races: I am an absolute opponent of stayer races on circuits where you can not make the difference on the bike. I had the opportunity to participate in the last edition of the drafting race in Bastendorf (Luxemburg) and found this competition the very best example of how a drafting race can be made beautiful for every athlete.  However, the races that really make me dream of are the Powerman of Weyer and Zofingen.  So far I coudn’t be completely satisfied of my results in both of these Powerman. Nevertheless I still believe that I will be able to realize once a    great performance in one of these splendid races.
  • Most beautiful moment: It is not so obvious to make a choice between several beautiful moments that the duathlon sport has offfered me. In 2008 I experienced a magical moment in Switzerland when I could attend to the Jungfrau marathon together with Koen as VIP and so have had the chance sitting around the table with the Kenyan number 3 of the marathon of Berlin. But there was also the Powerman of Bastendorf in 2009 where I could really rival for the first time  with athletes as Wim Nieuwkerk for whom I had admiration and respect as young athlete.  Op course I may not forget the Powerman of Weyer (Austria) 2010, where I spent a fantastic weekend together with my teammate Marino Cneut.  I had a very emotional moment when Marino was invited on stage for the first time in his early duathlon career.  And finally my first finish in the Powerman of Zofingen 2010: I lived 10 months to ensure that one day, and succeeded in reaching the finish line against the expectations of many people.  My back problems and the relapse during the last 5 km were promptly forgotten when I really realized that I reached my goal…

8. List of records:

  • BeNeLux-champion duathlon non-drafting 2010
  • Winner of the Powerman of Flanders 2010
  • 3 rd place in the final ranking Powerman Worldseries 2010
  • Overall winner BeNeLux-circuit non-drafting 2009
  • Winner sprintrace duatlon Wetteren 2008
  • Belgian Champion Youth A 2001